Tekmi: the history of France's new favourite luggage brand 

What do fashion and luggage have in common? A man's passion for a job well done and uncompromising quality when it comes to satisfying customers. Philippe Dominici, who has been at the head of the Magic Stock Company for 30 years, has been able to exploit French consumer trends to diversify his business. With its Tekmi brand, the company has been developing luggage to suit all types of traveller for over 5 years: from the most adventurous to the most popular, Tekmi suitcases have become essential accessories for any self-respecting globetrotter. Let's look back on the beginnings of France's new favourite brand.

Tekmi: from fashion to travel bags in one short step !

Founded in the 80s, Magic Stock first found success in the world of fashion: Levi’s, Diesel, Lee Cooper, and Le temps des cerises, among others. At the time Philippe Dominici opened several designer clothing clearance outlets in the South of France and was very successful until the early 2000s. Indeed, this period marked the advent of e-commerce websites for private sales and the Internet gradually became the new selling space for major brands. Philippe seized on this consumer trend to take a different path, one that was closer to his personal aspirations.

Tekmi suitcases: inspired by travel

The pleasure of travel is luggage that is both practical and compact, as Philippe clearly understands. This seasoned traveller also collects suitcases of all sizes. Suitcases are his faithful travelling companions, just as cameras are to other people. A cabin bag for an unexpected journey to Dubai, a hard suitcase for holidays in New-York or a travel bag for a trip to the Sahara.  These many journeys gave him the idea to exploit suitcases as the new spearhead for his business.

Tekmi luggage, quality at low prices

Tekmi develops practical designer suitcases at low prices. Offering quality bags at affordable prices to satisfy consumers in every way is an important issue for the brand.

Suitcases are not considered as simple cubes on 4 wheels, but rather as true travelling companions, whose design requires a great deal of research and know-how: the use of strong and lightweight materials (Polypropylene/ Polycarbonate), diverse and colourful styles, attention to detail (TSA locks, label holders, storage compartments, zippered pockets, and so on).

Tekmi travel suitcases are designed at the company's premises in France, which also boasts a logistics centre in a warehouse of almost 1,500 square metres. Thinking heads study and consider the changes to be made to the suitcases, in order to offer consumers luggage that is in line with the needs and wishes of both today and tomorrow.

The next challenges for Tekmi are to expand the range with new collections and develop the brand internationally. These new objectives take nothing away from the brand's philosophy: "Our customers are the most precious thing for us; we will always be close to them and offer them a human and attentive customer service".

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